Laundry rooms
under management


Out of pocket,
at any point in time


Managed and
supported by Macro


Install and
supply service

How It Works

How we run your
laundry room.

It’s not just your laundry room. It’s your building’s reputation.
With Macro, both your tenants and wallet love the result.


Building your laundromat.

One of our Laundry Masters tours your residential property to select the right machines and layout for your building and census. Our crew installs heavy duty commercial machines from the best brands, complete with multiple payment options, including a card system or PayRange’s legendary pay platform.


Supplying your room.

Macro runs your entire laundromat without the need to involve you. We regularly test the machines; replenish all supplies; and hang support signage with scannable QR codes for error reports and service requests.


By leasing from us you:

  • Pay nothing upfront
  • Take zero risk.
  • Offer your users an exceptional laundry experience.
  • Deepen tenant trust in your building.
  • Elevate your property’s status.
  • Receive your profits by mail or ACH each month.


Responding to service calls.

No auto-responses. We personally handle all service calls during business hours, and send down our own expert techs for repairs. If we see that a laundromat underperforms, we run promo videos to incentivize tenants to use it.

Putting You First

Why Macro recommends PayRange.

From our machines to our supplies to our techs,
we insist on offering what serves you best. While
we can incorporate multiple options, including a
card system, or a all-in-one system of your choice,
we recommend PayRange for its rock-solid
reliability, millions of satisfied users, and best
value for money.

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