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Our contracts range between five and ten years. Terms vary based on a number of factors, including the length of the contract

Our web-based management system generates financial reports, sends service providers notifications when there is a problem, can remotely refund a resident’s money and restart a machine. Our user app allows residents to check machine availability, check their card balance and subscribe to text notifications.

Credit/Debit card, Apple pay, Google pay, ACH from a bank account, and EBT.

We install top-of-the-line commercial laundry equipment, designed to handle 24/7/365 use. But things happen and if a machine is in need of service, simply scan the QR code or call the phone number posted in the laundry to request a service call. Someone will be there to fix the problem within 48 hours.

Cleaning can vary, but we generally do a full cleaning once or twice a year.

Our payment system works with most commercial machines. Machines on the MDB standard, coin-drop and card-ready machines are plug-and-play. Coin slide and others may require a Mechanical Timer Module as an add-on or have a control board and send pulses.

A small, instructional decal, indicating the payment system is installed must be applied to the machines. If it is a PayRange system, you’ll also have to register the BluKey device(s) to your PayRange Manage Account to receive payment.

Machine sales are collected from Sunday to Sunday and funds are deposited into your account every Tuesday (banking holidays apply).

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